COVID-19 Cases by the Numbers About is a website for finding information about state/territory instances of the COVID-19 disease, how many people it has infected, killed, and the population that has been vaccinated against it. It pulls from the Centers for Disease Control and prevention. The API can be found here along with information directly from the CDC.

This website is for informational purposes only. It depends on external data sources and does not represent medical advice. Currently, only state-level resolution is available for the US.

This website was built by Rob Erskine. All code is open-source and available on my github here. Go ahead and give this project a star if you found it useful. I've also written two blog articles about some of the features of this site: "Dynamically Generating Share Images with Node, Nuxt, and Netlify" (still writing this article!) and "Leveraging Netlify Serverless Functions to replicate CORS-enabled Endpoints".

Questions or concerns? Please reach out to me over email or message me on Twitter.